Testimonials about other Primrose Retirement Communities

Testimonials about other Primrose Retirement Communities

Austin Primrose
1701 22nd Avenue South West
Austin, MN 55912-1798
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5 years ago we moved into Primrose. About 6 months ago we moved into Assisted Living and we like it. Staff is very helpful.

— Oliver and Helen Herrick

I have been here at Primrose 3 years and would not change anything. I like it here very much.

— Georgetta Dreyer

I'm very glad and happy that my daughters found this place for me. So far all of you have been helpful. Keep it up!

— Audrey Nyberg

I have a health problem and I am checked every morning to see how I am and I appreciate that so very much. Being a diabetic I'm given sugar-free desserts each day. They watch over us so well I am sometimes spoiled.

— H Odessa Schmidt

Staff is always cheerful and ready to help you anytime. A lot of friendly people living here so you can visit with someone anytime.

— Ethelyn Hahn

Great caring and friendly staff - My aunt couldn not be happier.

— Julie Knater

I like not having responsibility anymore for the heating, plumbing, lawn care, snow removal, etc. It is all taken care of for me. I like being on the 2nd floor - I feel very safe and secure here.

— Maynard Eppen

I didn't even have my name on my door yet and I came in after the movers left. I told the kids I feel like I'm home. "Wow" my son-in-law said, "that's because you got a 9ft ceiling like you had at home." The management and staff treat us so special that we feel like we're "Kings on the Hill."

— Daryl D. Behn

I've lived at Primrose for almost 2 years. I have a big two bedroom apartment. Primrose is a beautiful place to live. The staff is excellent, meals are good, music bands come often, birthday parties every month, plus every holiday, bingo, cards, and other activities. If you can't live alone, Primrose is the next best place to be.

— LaVonne Srock

We were living in Rochester. A friend in Austin said we should visit the Primrose Retirement Community. I told my wife about it, and one day we were in Austin visiting friends when we decided to check out the Primrose. We were very impressed! And at our age — we decided to move there. We have the security, social activities, and of course the wonderful healthy noon dinner!

— Mickie Hall

I couldn't ask for more at Primrose. Everybody is good to us here and it's comfortable.

— Odessa Schmidt

Primrose is a nice, friendly place and I enjoy our location in town.

— Lorraine WIllmert

I'm very happy here. I think it's a wonderful place to live. The other residents and the staff are all good people. Everything is so clean and decorated nicely.

— LaVonne Srock

I think the food and snacks here are wonderful and there are many fun activities.

— Audrey Guritz

My wife and I moved into Primrose on June 2, 2012.

We are very happy with every aspect of Primrose. The people who work here, from the office personnel through the kitchen and help staff could not be kinder nor more helpful.

Our two-bedroom apartment is just perfect for us, and the envy of our daughter who stayed with us for two days! The noon meals are nutritious and tasty, as are all the meals you may choose to eat, and it has solved our previous daily argument about what we were going to fix for dinner!

We feel very safe here and with a West view we sit on our balcony and watch the beautiful sunsets. TV is provided by Charter, garbage pickup is twice a week, bookshelves abound with both new and older books, and washing clothes is easy and nearby.

Best of all, with winter coming and the snow about to fly, my days of shoveling the stuff are history. We have storage space in the building as well as room for some larger things in our spacious garage. All in all, it has been a good move and we are happy to be here.

— Dave and Joyce Fadness

I just love everything about Primrose!

— Leo Reding

Almost 2 years ago it became necessary for my Mom and Dad to find a place to live that could provide them with the help that they needed at this stage in their life. While that is never an easy decision, we had the good fortune of finding Primrose. Mom and Dad have an apartment in the assisted living area. It is a comfortable apartment and the surroundings of the grounds and building in general are very warm, inviting and well kept. But while the physical surrounding are nice, what makes Primrose extra special is their staff. To a person, from the director on down, they provide excellent care with in a very caring manner. I know everyone there truly cares about my Mom and Dad and that brings great peace to my brothers and sisters and me to know that they are in a place where they are happy, respected and well cared for.

I could go on and on, but I won't. However, if any of you out there are looking for a place for your aging loved one, I highly recommend you come and investigate Primrose. You will not be disappointed!

— Laurie Reding and Family