Testimonials about other Primrose Retirement Communities

Testimonials about other Primrose Retirement Communities

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One of the hardest decisions I have had in my life was choosing a place where my mother could live independently, yet safely, and have peace of mind for myself. I chose Primrose, hoping it would be the best solution to some big changes in Mom's life as she moved out of her home of over 30 years. The location was in her neighborhood, she could still attend her home church, and local shopping would all remain familiar. WHAT I didn't realize was the new family she would be getting at Primrose! So many assisted living/retirement communities offer similar amenities, but none offer the caring staff who treat their residents like family. The employees at Primrose go far beyond what their wages compensates them for; they truly care about the people who live there. They know the residents habits, can tell when they aren't feeling themselves, are concerned or upset. They encourage residents to become involved in a wide range and choice of activities, from movies, Wii bowling, bingo, cards and more. They notice when they don't show up for a meal/activity or just need some assistance. When Mom was unable to attend church, there were onsite church services and bible study groups she could attend. My mother enjoyed her friends and the friendships she made with her 'neighbors' as well as the staff, who were always on a first name basis. This 'choice' was the next best thing to 'home.' If Mom had not needed memory and nursing home care, she would still be at Primrose-living life to the fullest with a quality you won't find anywhere else. I am so thankful Primrose was there when we needed them.

— Dee Regina