Testimonials about other Primrose Retirement Communities

Testimonials about other Primrose Retirement Communities

Newburgh Primrose
9800 Lincoln Avenue
Newburgh, IN 47630



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I have been here at Primrose 3 years and would not change anything. I like it here very much.

— Georgetta Dreyer

I'm very glad and happy that my daughters found this place for me. So far all of you have been helpful. Keep it up!

— Audrey Nyberg

Staff is always cheerful and ready to help you anytime. A lot of friendly people living here so you can visit with someone anytime.

— Ethelyn Hahn

I've lived at Primrose for almost 2 years. I have a big two bedroom apartment. Primrose is a beautiful place to live. The staff is excellent, meals are good, music bands come often, birthday parties every month, plus every holiday, bingo, cards, and other activities. If you can't live alone, Primrose is the next best place to be.

— LaVonne Srock

Primrose is a very comfortable place with nice people and very good care.

— Dr. Clarence Glenn

We are so thankful that we moved here — Primrose is a safe place with friendly, helpful people. When Harold had to go to the nursing home for therapy, we were so thankful he could return back here with help.

— Harold and Penny Robinson

I have found Primrose to be very interested in the person, wanting to satisfy their residents.

— Lucille Drobisch

I love the friendly residents and employees. My apartment is the perfect size and very accommodating. I feel safe living at Primrose and the staff really look out after me. I enjoy the free transportation, meals and all of the amenities like the movie theatre and ice cream parlor.

— Betty Jo Browning

I just love it here! Everything you want is right here. You make lots of friends — so you don't get lonesome. I would recommend Primrose — it is better than anything I've ever seen. There is always something to do — take the bus to events, watch movies, and enjoy ice cream.

— Lorraine Waddell

I like everything about Primrose, from the connected garages to the friendliness of everyone. I feel very welcome and comfortable, and have enjoyed meeting new friends.

— Eleanor Anne Pistorius