Testimonials about other Primrose Retirement Communities

Testimonials about other Primrose Retirement Communities

Pueblo Primrose
5055 Outlook Blvd
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Ann Leach, Pueblo Primrose resident

My decision to move to Primrose of Pueblo has been more than fulfilling. The staff are exceptionally pleasant and friendly. The meals are very good and the activities are plentiful. There are several groups from outside the community that come in and entertain each month.

I would highly recommend Primrose of Pueblo to anyone.

— Betty Cohu

As a native of Denver, Colorado I never would have guessed that a move to Pueblo, Colorado could be in my future. With retirement from my employment of 37 years quickly approaching, and a visit to Primrose, I knew immediately that I had found a new home.

The decision to come to Primrose was one of the best I have ever made. Staff here are some of the most friendly, sincere and caring individuals I have ever met. Activities are boundless with musical groups, crafts, outings, special holiday parties and so many more enjoyable happenings. At times it is difficult to choose which to attend. My very favorite is the Travel Club! We have traveled to places such as San Francisco, CA and Savannah, GA. One very special service provided is the bus and driver to take residents to all appointments and shopping when needed.

I feel truly blessed to have such a beautiful home with so many new friends and a staff that sincerely cares.

Anyone considering the move to a retirement community should give serious consideration to Primrose of Pueblo for a great life experience.

— Nancy Stutz

Almost 2 years ago my daughter and granddaughter felt we should sell our house and find a residential home. I said, "Sure" and did nothing for several months...then we started to look. That is when a miracle happened. When we found Primrose, an angel named Gina was at the front door and it was her first day as the ED there. I came in with tears in my eyes because I did not want to leave my home. Gina showed me beautiful Primrose and I fell in love. I left there with tears in my eyes because I was so happy. We now have a 2-BR home, beautiful friends, a library, a theatre, a pub, entertainment and the best food you can imagine. The staff is second to none. If you want to live a beautiful retirement, join us!

— Bill and Marylyn Clare

We were living in a retirement facility in Pueblo when we heard of the new Primrose Retirement Community that was building on Outlook. We moved in July 2010 and never looked back. The amenities here are outstanding; a garage space, private laundry facilities, serviceable kitchen and upgraded heat and air conditioning to go with our large apartment. The outstanding management and staff provide activities, entertainment, physical fitness and they keep a close eye on all the residents to ensure safety.

Primrose, This is Living!!

— Bob and June Utterback

My husband and I moved into Primrose of Pueblo the same month that it opened. After one month we both agreed it was the best decision we had ever made. We immediately felt at home with the staff and residents. The past 3 1/2 years have been wonderful for me. The management is very attentive to our needs and our wants. They pay attention to the minute details of our lives and do everything they can to make us happy. Our chefs are wonderful and there is always a choice of delicious entrees. The activities and outings that we have access to are plentiful and appeal to a wide range of interests. My personal favorite is our Travel Club. We have traveled to places such as Savannah, Georgia and San Francisco, California.

My days spent at Primrose have truly been some of the happiest in my life.

— Jane Boykin

Primrose of Pueblo is a shining example of what a retirement community can be when the happiness of residents is the primary concern. Primrose offers high-ceilinged rooms and hallways designed and maintained for beauty, comfort, and safety; attractive decor that becomes downright inspired at holiday times; excellent food; a variety of "enrichment" opportunities and other services; and a remarkable balance between affectionate vigilance and respect for privacy. There's something here for every taste: peace and quiet — or company, music, movies, games. There is a family feeling, due partly to the residents themselves but primarily to the director and her friendly, talented, hard-working staff. It is refreshing and comforting to live in a place where every individual matters.

— Alys Venable

The best thing about Primrose of Pueblo is the people! The staff and residents have become like family to me. Everyone is happy and they genuinely care about me. Being here seems to bring out the best in people. To me, it could not be any better.

Anyone thinking about moving here — Do it! There is no place like it in Pueblo.

— Ed Miklich