Testimonials about other Primrose Retirement Communities

Testimonials about other Primrose Retirement Communities

Wasilla Primrose
889 N. Elkhorn Drive
Wasilla, AK 99654
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My mom lost her husband of 59 years last Fall, so we moved her to Alaska to be closer to family. Primrose has made her feel very welcome. The staff has been wonderful and allowed my mom's transition into a new home to go very smoothly. She has only been at Primrose for 4 weeks and has already commented several times about it feeling like home. Thanks Primrose!

— Stacey Stewart

This place is a God send for me. It feels so much like home and I'm so happy to be living here. I'm content with everything. I've met new friends and the staff are wonderful people. Everything seems so perfect. The amenities are great. I could go on and on, but it would take up a lot of pages. It's great to be here.

— Chillie Pace

Living alone and being lonely is not good for anyone. People need the companionship of others. Having kind people to talk with and do things with is a blessing. I enjoy all of this and more at Primrose!

— Mabel Fennimore

Primrose has freed me from worries about house upkeep as well as yard maintenance both summer and winter. I really enjoy all of the activities, trips and having so many interesting people to interact with while being supported by our wonderful staff amid lovely surroundings.

— Ginny Jacobson

Perfect housing, friendly staff, and great food. You do not have to look any further than Primrose! There are as many amenities as you could desire. They even have an ice cream parlor that will serve you ice cream any time your sweet tooth is calling. There are activities of all kinds to sharpen your brain and to make you laugh. Come join us and have some fun!

— Nancy Stevenson

It is with wholehearted sincerity that I felt that I should let you know how happy and satisfied I have been living at the Wasilla Primrose Retirement Community for three years.

My husband and I moved to the Assisted Living since he was in advance stages of dementia. The care and attention which he received was far more than we had initially expected which made a difficult time for us easier to manage.

During this time, I came to appreciate more and more the excellent care and guidance of Tauna Norman, Executive Director and Director of Nursing. Even with a heavy schedule, Tauna maintains a delightful sunshine attitude and most attentive to the needs of residents. It is also obvious that she is well-liked by the Staff and pitches in to assist in various areas when needed. The demands on Tauna may seem overwhelming; however, she keeps a firm hand with daily requirements along with that beautiful smile and attentive attitude for all who know her.

Yes, Primrose Retirement Community was a very wise choice for my husband and me when we needed a major change in our very Senior Years. Tauna Norman is indeed a very amazing strength and Executive Director for this Community and we are truly blessed to have her!

— Marjorie O. Downs